Specialized Scholarships

Specialized scholarships allow the Greek America Foundation to further support education in our community and reward deserving students with financial support they deserve and need in order to complete their studies, by allowing families and businesses to name awards on an annual basis.

These scholarships allow members of our community to designate scholarships tailored to their specific educational endeavors. By integrating these scholarships, we are providing an outlet for members of our community to connect and to help each other in our growth as a community overall.

Specialized scholarships are donated by families or individuals based on their interests (educational, geographical, heritage, etc). A scholarship can be a tribute, a testament, or a torch to inspire, memorialize, commemorate or reward.

Your gift is a lasting legacy for Greek America’s future. We are all stakeholders in that legacy. If you have a scholarship you are interested in creating through the Greek America Foundation, please contact us.


The Constantine and Patricia Mavroyannis Scholarship

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Constantine and Mrs. Patricia Mavroyannis, the Constantine and Patricia Mavroyannis Scholarship recognizes scholastic achievement and an interest and commitment to studying theoretical physics or physical chemistry by providing partial assistance to Hellenic graduate students in financing their studies in these fields.

The Constantine and Patricia Mavroyannis Scholarship is open to graduate students who are either Greek or of Greek heritage and are enrolled in a PhD program in either theoretical physics or physical chemistry in the Faculty of Science at a North American university. The scholarship is in the amount of $5,000 and is awarded on an annual basis in the fall semester.

To date, six scholarships have been awarded, totaling $30,000.

The purpose of the Constantine and Patricia Mavroyannis Scholarship is to recognize the importance of education – specifically, to reward and encourage educational achievement by Hellenes in the fields of physics and chemistry and thereby support Hellenic contribution to the global scientific community.

The scholarship honors the life and accomplishments of Dr. Constantine Mavroyannis, a career physicist with the National Research Council of Canada, and his wife Patricia. Read more about the 2016 recipients here.


Mavroyiannis Scholarship Recipients

Katerina Chatziioannou, Montana State University
Lampros Lamprou, Stanford University
Fani Dosopoulou, Northwestern University
Eleni-Alexandra Kontou, Tufts University
Stathis Megas, UCLA
Anna-Maria Taki, New York University