2013 - 2015

The following charities in Greece received funds from Project Hope for Greece during our 2013-2015 campaign. In all cases, we received financial documentation from the charity and monitored their fine work to ensure that all funds donated on behalf of our generous donors helped the people they sought to serve.

Smile of the Child

This non-governmental organization was founded in 1996 by 10-year-old Andreas Yannopoulos. Suffering from a cancerous brain tumor, Andreas’ dream was to ensure that “every child has a reason to smile." He died 11 days after organization’s founding, but today his father Costas manages it in his son’s memory. The organization supports homeless and abused children through its various shelters throughout Greece and offers social and psychological services. The group also manages Amber Alert — an international tool used by police to notify the public about child abductions — and runs the Greek Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Visit website here.


Founded by five Greek women, this non-profit organization focuses on matching local and international donors with Greek charities. Founders Alexia Katsaounis, Niki Kerameus, Marina Sotiriou, Myrto Anastassopoulos and Ekavi Valleras founded the organization to make sure that every donation makes the best possible impact. They work around the clock to help dozens of charities meet their daily needs. They accept all donations — from a single bag of used clothes and a box of books to several tons of pasta and a full tank of heating oil to heat an orphanage during winter. Visit website here.


This non-profit organization fights food waste by distributing surplus food for charities in Athens, Patras and Thessaloniki. The group works with 450 soup kitchens and welfare organizations, helping to feed more than 5,000 people daily. Boroume also assists people and businesses to donate food that would have otherwise been wasted. Through social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, Borume encourages Greeks to donate whatever leftover food they have. The organization then finds a local family in need and provides them with food. Visit website here.

Animal Zone International

Founded in 2007, this non-profit organization is dedicated to the protection of animals and the environment, the establishment of veterinary clinics on a free or low-cost basis and promoting humane treatment of animals. AZI focuses its operations on the Greek island of Amorgos and its goals include: controlling (through spaying and neutering) and treating (with vaccines and anti-parasitical medicine) the stray cat and dog population; providing shelter to neglected dogs; addressing the issue of neglected and mistreated mules and donkeys; and establishing a local society for the protection of animals. Visit website here.


This non-profit organization has provided rehabilitative care to disabled children in Greece since 1937. It has six centers throughout the country that cater to children suffering from physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injuries, scoliosis and brain injuries. Since its inception, the organization has assisted more than 100,000 children, more than half of whom have managed to enroll in mainstream schools. Likewise, more than half of its approximately €7.5 million annual budget comes from private and corporate donations while the rest is covered by the state (15%) and contributions from the parents’ social security funds (33%). Visit website here.

Kivotos Tou Kosmou

Founded by young Greek Orthodox priest Father Antonios in 1998, this organization rescues hundreds of disadvantaged Greek and immigrant youngsters on the brink of social exclusion. The state has granted Kivotos with parental guardianship rights for more than two dozen children with jobless and homeless parents, and the organization cares for some 400 boys and girls every day before and after school with a hot meal and homework help. Likewise, Father Antonios provides financial aid and job-searching help for mostly single mothers without income. Kivotos has been awarded by two Greek Presidents — Konstantinos Stefanopoulos in 2003 and Karolos Papoulias in 2005. Visit website here.

Metropolis of Kydonias & Apokoronou

This organization assists needy people and families suffering as a result of the Greek economic crisis. In Hania, hundreds of people flock daily to a soup kitchen run by the Metropolis, which also runs a shelter for orphaned girls between the ages of 5 and 20. Likewise, the Metropolis runs a psychological support center that helps dozens every day. The Metropolis also operates a summer camp for some 500 children. Furthermore, its job training program teaches the jobless how to make jewelry and gives students free after-school homework assistance. Finally, the Metropolis helps needy students at the Ecclesiastical School of Crete by paying for their room and board. Visit website here.

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Ambassadors of Hope

The power of Project Hope for Greece comes from the generosity of our supporters. Our Ambassadors of Hope are those who have donated or raised a minimum of $1000 towards our fund by any method of their choosing. Some have hosted events at home, others have gone all out with full-fledge dinner dances and epic events. Several of our entrepreneurial supporters organized fundraisers around product launches or promotions.

Our Ambassadors in action...

Nora Presti and Anthie Zairis organized a Taverna Night in Baltimore.
Steve Kriaris and Thalia Wine created a $1 per bottle promotion in Ontario.
George Psomas (left) hosted his birthday party for Project Hope.
Katina and Chris Tsarnas hosted a party at Souvlaki GR in New York City.
Melina Kanakaredes and Peter Constantinides, Ambassadors of Hope.
16-year-old budding filmmaker Vasili Manikas and his brother Dimitri made a short film whose box office proceeds raised $4000 for Project Hope.
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METAdrasi:Hope Genesis

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