Providing Hope to the People of Greece

Responding to the deteriorating conditions in Greece, the Greek America Foundation launched Project Hope for Greece— a fundraising effort that channels the power of our constituents and supporters and encourages them t get involved via a series of projects and programs that raise funds— and awareness— and that will bring hope to the people of Greece.

The project’s purpose is to inspire philanthropy amongst Greek North Americans and engage our network of friends and supporters to come together on a grassroots level and raise funds for various accredited charitable organizations in Greece. Project Hope for Greece capitalizes on the power of people and their ideas and encourages them to host an event or fundraiser that suits their personality or their talent or skill.

Since it’s inception, thanks to the philanthropy and creativity of our members and supporters, Project Hope for Greece has raised over $300,000 for reputable charitable organizations doing important work to alleviate the crisis in Greece.

Become an Ambassador of Hope

The power of Project Hope for Greece is the creativity of our supporters. In order to become an Ambassador of Hope, you need to donate or raise a minimum of $1000 towards our fund. How you do it is up to you.

Some have hosted events at home, others have gone all out with full-fledge dinner dances and epic events. Several of our entrepreneurial supporters organized fundraisers around product launches or promotions.

Contact us today about becoming an Ambassador of Hope and doing your part to support worthwhile charitable organizations helping the people of Greece.

Some of our Ambassadors of Hope

Our Ambassadors of Hope have been very innovative in the way they've fulfilled their pledges to raise a minimum of $1000 to become Ambassadors. One person hosted his birthday party for the fund and asked all gifts be made to Project Hope instead. A duo from Baltimore organized a Taverna Night at their local church hall, while an actor from New York City organized a reading of a theatrical production with all admissions going to the fund. See our Ambassadors of Hope here.

486120_336690383109497_981359860_n Nora Presti and Anthie Zairis organized a Taverna Night in Baltimore
1005440_390133961098472_315177559_n Steve Kriaris and Thalia Wine created a $1 per bottle promotion in Ontario
photo-1a George Psomas (left) hosted his birthday party for Project Hope
208459_335773793201156_33731175_n Katina and Chris Tsarnas hosted a party at Souvlaki GR in New York City
Become an Ambassador

Why Project Hope for Greece?


Update: Lesvos Earthquake Relief Efforts Continue to Fill Food Pantries, Spread Cheer

When a devastating earthquake hit the island of Lesvos in June 2017, the Greek America Foundation board of directors had just settled into their biennial meeting in New York City. One of the first items of business was to pass an emergency resolution to undertake a fundraising campaign to provide support the people who lost […]


School Bells Ring Again in Earthquake Devastated Vrisa with Support from Greek America Foundation

School bells rang this week for the first time in the village of Vrisa on the island of Lesvos, since a devastating earthquake leveled more than a thousand buildings on June 12th. Miraculously, school had just been dismissed on the fateful day of the earthquake and no children were harmed, while the building was completely […]

Fisherman Kostas Pinteris, will be returning to the sea, after his boat is repaired and able to be put back into the water.

Project Hope for Greece Helps the Lesvos Fisherman Reclaim their Livelihood

Far away in Beverly Hills, California— one man with no direct connection to two fisherman in a tiny Greek fishing village of Lesvos— made a gift that would not only impact the fishermen, but their entire community. Thanos and Kostas were amongst the Greek islanders from the tiny village of Skala Sikamnias who were thrust […]


Long Term Food Aid for Lesvos Earthquake Victims

A team from the Greek America Foundation visited the village of Vrisa on the island of Lesvos on July 20 where a series of devastating earthquakes hit, leaving one woman dead and almost 1,000 buildings damaged or destroyed completely. Gregory Pappas, founder and president of the foundation, and Jennifer Kellogg, executive director, were given access […]


Emergency Relief Campaign for Earthquake Relief on Lesvos Island Launched with $30,000 Immediate Support

The Greek America Foundation Board of Directors voted unanimously Friday a their biennial meeting to launch an emergency relief campaign for the Greek island of Lesvos following a catastrophic earthquake last week. Individual board members that were present kicked off the campaign with more than $30,000 in individual donations at the meeting. An appeal to […]

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Because Hope Isn’t Just for Humans: Operation Rescue Mt. Pelion Puppies

Operation “Rescue Mt. Pelion Puppies” is officially under way as the latest Project Hope for Greece endeavor and we need your help to rescue four adorable, abandoned Greek puppies and their mom. It all started with a Facebook post from a wonderful rescuer named Melia in the mountains of Pelion, in Central Greece. One thing […]


$15,000 to Desmos for Heating Oil, Humanitarian Efforts in Greece

Greek America Foundation supporters Lea Soupata and her husband Sotiris Zervoulias presented a check for $5,000.00 from the Greek America Foundation to Desmos, a non-profit organization that has helped thousands of people in need throughout Greece. This is yet another gift made possible by the supporters of the GAF and Project Hope for Greece. To […]