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The numbers are stark — one in four children in Greece face extreme poverty, making the country the worst in the European Union, according to official statistics by Eurostat.

Medical care, education, social integration and other things we take for granted in our home countries are lacking for millions of children in Greece — a direct result of years of crippling austerity and unemployment, not to mention the worst refugee crisis in the country since World War II.

The Greek America Foundation will partner with six Greece-based charities whose work directly impacts all facets of children in Greek society — from birth, all the way through their developing years.

The #ChildrenOfGreece campaign will aim to build a sense of awareness among North Americans about the challenges faced by the most vulnerable members of Greek society — the children.

Throughout Greece's contemporary history, children have always been the victims most impacted by war, poverty and social unrest and throughout these extreme moments, the Greek diaspora, particularly in North America, has always responded in a resounding way.

The following charities in Greece will receive funds from Project Hope for Greece during our 2019-2021 campaign. In all cases, we shall receive financial documentation from each charity and monitor their fine work to ensure that all funds donated on behalf of our generous donors help the people they seek to serve.


Eliza Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children is the only Greek charitable organization (NGO), with the exclusive purpose of providing protection and care to children who have suffered or run the risk of suffering abuse or neglect. In pursuit of its mission, ELIZA is guided by the following principles: a) respect of children’s rights as citizens of the world regardless of culture, nationality or religion, b) multidisciplinary scientific approach and use of evidence-based practice c) transparency and integrity. Visit website here.

The Home Project

This Athens-based non-profit organization addresses the needs of refugee and child migrants who arrive in Greece alone. The Home Project moves children from the streets, camps, police stations and detention centers and brings them into shelters where they receive support, protection and social integration services. The organization currently operates 11 shelters where more than 220 children receive a holistic network of services covering food, shelter, material, medical, psychosocial, and legal, support. The Home Project provides security, dignity and decent living conditions for the most vulnerable — unaccompanied refugee minors — with its ultimate goal being to Help, Overcome, Motivate, Empower them. Visit website here.

HOPE Genesis

Founded in 2015, Hope Genesis’ provides comprehensive medical care and treatment for pregnant women who live in remote areas or isolated islands until the day they give birth. With a staff that includes various medical professionals such as gynecologists, nurses, midwives and administrators, the organization's mission is to contribute to the revival, development and the gradual increase of Greece’s population. More than 50 large Greek corporations have partnered with Hope Genesis and support its daily operations. The organization is currently active on 28 islands where communities have recorded zero or very few births since 2015. Visit website here.

Ark of the World

Founded in 1998 by Greek Orthodox priest Father Antonios, Ark of the World provides shelter for abandoned children in Athens. Ark currently cares for 200 children — infants to 18 years old — and although the vast majority are Greek, the organization welcomes children from all backgrounds. Ark strives to relieve these children of poverty, hunger, illnesses, misery, exploitation and illiteracy. In addition to the children's well-being, the organization also focuses on keeping families together and, when possible, not institutionalizing children and instead keeping them with their mothers. Ark provides monthly financial support — rent, water, electricity bills, etc. — for no income mothers. Moreover, Ark helps these mothers to find employment so that they may become self-dependent. Visit website here.


Founded in 2010, METAdrasi facilitates the reception and integration of unaccompanied refugee children and immigrants in Greece. The organization aims to fill crucial gaps in areas neglected either by public authorities or other NGOs. Through a safety net of activities, METAdrasi protects unaccompanied children who have been separated from or lost their parents and safely escorts them from detention centers to suitable accommodation facilities. These facilities provide children with legal aid, certification as victims of torture and other humanitarian support. Furthermore, the facilities help children re-integrate themselves into society through programs such as Greek language lessons and work placement opportunities. The children also have receive linguistic accommodation through the provision of 350 interpreters trained and certified by METAdrasi. Visit website here.

SOS Children's Villages

SOS Children’s Villages in Greece focuses on helping families to cultivate a nurturing home environment for their children. The organization not only helps families care for their children but also provides alternative care once the children can no longer live with their own families. SOS’s specific programs include the Family Strengthening Program, which works directly with families, many of which are single parents looking after children alone. The organization provides family services such as parental counseling as well as material, social and emotional support. If, despite SOS’s assistance, children can no longer live with their families, the organization offers them a new home in one of its villages. Visit website here.

Give Hope to the Children of Greece

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Throughout modern Greek history, children have always been the biggest victims of war, poverty and social unrest. During these extreme moments, the Greek diaspora, particularly in North America, always responded in a resounding way. Today, one in four children in Greece face extreme poverty, making the country the worst place for children in the European […]

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