Greek America Corps is an initiative that has changed the lives of dozens of North American young adults by engaging them in meaningful volunteer programs in Greece. These programs have connected them with their inner-selves — instilling in them the importance of volunteerism, service and philanthropy by allowing them to experience firsthand the smile on the face of someone they are feeding, supporting or serving.

There are three primary aspects to this initiative:

(1) Students are are exposed to the ideals of service and volunteerism, core ideals of the Greek America Foundation’s mission, and experience first-hand their own impact on the causes they are supporting.

(2) At the same time, our program supports the nation of Greece and her people as they grapple with crippling financial crisis and numerous humanitarian issues — not to mention the worst international refugee crisis since World War II.

(3) Finally, our volunteers are exposed to contemporary Greek life and culture.

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Our first volunteer mission took place in July 2017 in Athens, where participants spent the month supporting The HOME Project, a network of shelters for unaccompanied refugee minors trapped in Greece.

Our most recent mission took place in July 2019 on the island of Chios in partnership with METAdrasi, a non-profit offering support, education and other vital services to unaccompanied refugee minors.

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Our program has been supported over the years by companies, institutions and individuals who understand the significance of imparting the ideals of service and volunteerism amongst future leaders of our community.

Donate today to help us sustain this program and continue to instill the values of service and volunteerism in young North Americans — while immersing them in real-world humanitarian challenges.


Transformative Experience

Our program strives to create human experiences for our volunteers, connecting them with their inner-selves and instilling in them the importance of volunteerism and service by allowing them to experience first-hand the smile on the face of someone they are feeding, supporting or serving.

Desired Qualities in a Volunteer

We seek volunteers who are able to handle quickly changing environments, encountering people from different cultures and sharing viewpoints and the emotional ups and downs that come with working in challenging conditions. Having strong boundaries, knowing your limits and when to take a break are important skills while volunteering.

However, it is important to note that each program will have its own requirements and specifications depending upon the nature of the work involved.


Educational Experience

True to our founding belief in the value of education, some of our programs offer the opportunity for US/Canadian students to receive college credit via our partnership with the Hellenic American University, a U.S.-accredited institution of higher education in Athens. See each program for specific details.

Program Specifics

Our programs are usually a month long and require about 5-6 hours a day of volunteering, four days per week. We do offer an “off-day,” as well as pre-planned weekend excursions to allow for volunteers to have a physical and emotional break for the demanding work they are doing. Excursions involve the immersion into the local culture, with guided visits to cultural and historic sights, beaches, traditional village festivals or other important locations and/or happenings that may be taking place during the program’s duration.

Read more about the 2017 program in Athens with The HOME Project

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My experience with the kids has been life-changing. I’ve formed bonds with these kids through the weekend activities and seeing them every day. Frankly, I feel like these kids are my equals and friends. I will never forget this experience.

Katerina, 18, Toronto, CA

“I would say that this program has been one of the most important steps I’ve taken in my life… It’s kind of motivated me a little bit more to want to offer my services to the world and to offer help to those who are less fortunate – to those who need it.

Ahileas, 24, Philadelphia, PA

Getting to know these kids on a personal level and building such close friendships with them right off the bat super easily has been an amazing experience… I’m very privileged and honored to have had this experience for sure, and I’m super grateful — beyond grateful. I don’t think ‘grateful’ can put into words how much of an honor it is to have done this.

Vasiliki, 21, Chicago, IL

Our volunteers organized beach excursions for the refugee children

“What I’ve learned in terms of gratitude, in terms of being able to make connections with people… can really go a long way in not only working with kids, not only working with vulnerable populations, not even in a volunteer setting; it can go a long way in our personal lives with other Americans and with other people.”

Daniel, 21, Detroit, MI

“This program has given me an education that simply cannot be taught in a classroom. After five years of attending undergraduate and graduate school, I knew something was still missing… While my path isn’t exactly clear moving forward, this program has allowed me to realize that my passion for helping those in need exists as strongly as ever.”

Heather, 23, Southampton, NY

“This program for me personally was a life-changer. I think it has really defined who I am and what I want to do with the rest of my life. I think the people I worked with are great. They’re phenomenal. Everybody really poured their heart and soul into this project and into the kids.”

Harrison, 19, Asheville, NC

Why this program?

A message from Gregory C. Pappas, Founder & President

Offering young adults in our community the opportunity to transform themselves while serving others — and supporting Greece — is a pivotal ideal of the Greek America Foundation.

Since we launched our first summer volunteer program in 2017, dozens of students and young professionals have had life-changing experiences offering their time and talents to humanitarian causes in Greece

Our goal is to continue this program for years to come in order to ensure that more young people have such life-enriching opportunities — and to continue spreading values of philanthropy, volunteerism and service.

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