Semester in Athens Scholarships


We offer Semester in Athens Scholarships for North American college students to study for a semester at the American College of Greece in Athens. The scholarship includes the cash equivalent of full tuition for a semester. The scholarship is offered twice a year to coincide with the American College of Greece’s Spring and Fall semesters.

Greek heritage is not a requirement for winning the scholarship. The Semester in Athens Scholarship is open to college students who are studying for a four-year college degree at an institution of higher learning in North America.

The Semester in Athens scholarship winner will attend a full semester at The American College of Greece in Athens and take the equivalent of 15 credit hours in courses. Each scholarship from the Greek America Foundation includes full tuition for a semester, valued at the cost of a complete semester of studies, or roughly $5500.

Scholarship winners will be required to cover their own room and board while in Greece and to take at least two courses (6 credits or more) related to Greece or Hellenism.

Ideal candidates are independent-minded students who wish to immerse themselves into the heart of an ancient capital city at an educational institution comprised of over 3,000 Greek and international students and who have a demonstrated commitment to their community.

The purpose of the Semester in Athens Scholarship is to foster a love for Greece and Hellenism in students who are passionate about making a difference in the world around them. The scholarship aims to accomplish more than making a semester in Greece affordable; it is about how Greece and Hellenic heritage inspires the recipient to transform his or her community.

DEREE - The American College of Greece is the oldest and largest American-sponsored higher education institution in Europe. DEREE provides students with the best of a U.S. education that is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). With over 1,000 courses annually, students can select from a wide range of disciplines such as history, the arts, literature, languages, humanities, business and others for their semester-long course of study.

Twice annual announcements are made on this page with downloadable applications.

Why Study Abroad Scholarships?

A message from Gregory C. Pappas

Study abroad scholarships in Greece were the primary focus of the Greek America Foundation's activities since the organization's inception.

For me, it was an experience I had, studying for a year at the American College of Greece in Athens in the 1980s, that laid the groundwork for my own involvement in the community and changed my life forever.

As a result of this transformative experience, I wanted to ensure that more students could have this same opportunity and in founding the Greek America Foundation, made study abroad scholarships one of our primary activities.

Gregory C. Pappas
Founder, Greek America Foundation

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